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It’s really very difficult t to describe MY CHARACTER. Anyway this profile is a weak reflection of my richest inner world.

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No one, even the best, my photo isn’t capable to show you real ME and my incredible beauty. My pretty smile, my funny laugh, my pleasant voice, my womanly gestures…. So, I think the best for you is to meet me in reality and to appreciate all this beauty with your own eyes. I am a HUGE and UNUSUAL world. May be you will not notice this according to my photos, but I am a very strong person! Even my name “Daria” can be translated like “Strong”. ou can meet me EVERYWHERE: at the theatre, where crowd will cry from the strong emotions after tense and dramatic play; at the cinema, where everyone will die from a loud laugh, watching bobbish and crazy movie;at the historical museum or art gallery, where everybody will be shocked and excited of the greatest masterpieces! But you also may see me suddenly at the craziest disco and you will not be disappointed if you see me there: I am always THE BEST DANCER! But the most important for you is that you can meet me HERE, at this site and so you can have a real chance to know me better!; So, WELCOME!

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