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An Ideal Russian Woman: Who Is She?

What else can inspire man then a beautiful Russian woman who is ready to fulfill all his dreams? If you want to find such a lady then welcome to freedatingrussia.com.


Do you want to find the perfect woman, but can not determine how she looks? Let’s figure it out! Perfection of a woman consists of many qualities – our article at freedatingrussia.com presents the main features that will help determine whether your lady is ideal.

  • You can play your role when you’re together. A characteristic feature of the fair sex: the transformation of the partner. She may not like your clothes, your haircut, and then your friends. If your lady does not make you change your preferences, she can be considered an ideal woman.
  • She loves your mother Millions of jokes since childhood tell us about the complexity of family relationships: son-in-law with a mother-in-law or a daughter-in-law with her mother-in-law. The reason for these feelings can be different tastes, differences in opinions or just jealousy. If two of your most beloved women live calmly, go to the stores together and discuss new series of favorite movies, then you should rejoice! There are two perfect women next to you!
beautiful Russian woman
  • Your interests are not condemned. Are you a fan of watching TV after work, reading a book sitting at a dinner table or just playing computer games, and your girlfriend is not indignant and does not mind? Doesn’t you woman repeat that your preferences are stupid and you simply waste your time? Does she support you by picking up the second joystick or reading the same book? If the answer is “Yes”, then your woman is perfect.
  • She can be silent. Do you perfectly know the feeling of fatigue when you want to sit in silence? If your friend understands this and waits until you come to your senses to listen to her news, then you are incredibly lucky. Take care of your chosen one because you have the perfect woman!

Are all of the above points for your woman? Congratulations! And if not, do not be discouraged – any woman is ideal, if you love her, and she loves you. Have you found the perfect girl, but you are not sure if she will like you? Our advice will help you win the Russian girl of your dreams and start a happy relationship.

  • Be attentive Listen carefully to your chosen one – this will help to understand what the girl wants. The stories of the girl about her successes, difficulties and hobbies will facilitate your communication and will enable you to understand her. It’s important for girls to speak out, especially if she feels the confidence that comes from you. Try not to interrupt the companion, listen carefully to her. If the topic seems boring to you, you can easily lead the conversation aside – ask questions. Your attention will increase the confidence of the girl and it will be easier for her to communicate.
  • Make compliments. The well-known phrase “women love with ears” will help you interest any girl. A beautiful sex is always happy with sincere compliments from a man. Tell your woman about what you admire about her, for example, her reading, taste, or say that you are happy to see her.

  • It is important not only to listen to the girl, but also to support her beginnings and solutions. For example, if your loved one decided to radically change her appearance or leave with a highly paid job – support her. Girls like it when in difficult moments of life they can lean on a strong man’s shoulder.
  • Give her flowers. All Russian women like flowers, even the field. Do not wait for reasons to give a girl a bouquet or even a single rose. Surprise her, taking advantage of delivery services – the girl will be happy.
  • Do not give reasons for jealousy. Do not show animation at the sight of passing girls, and, even more so, flirt with them. If you met a friend, present him to your girlfriend – this will help to avoid unreasonable jealousy and mistrust. Give your chosen one to feel that she is the only one.
  • Be calm. Unperturbed, easily finding a way out of any situation a man, can conquer any woman. Try to argue your position during the quarrel, do not panic and do not get angry even in a stressful situation.
  • Become friendly with her family. Family and friends are an important area in the life of any person, especially girls. Be polite and courteous not only with your beloved, but also with her loved ones. On acquaintance with parents it is necessary to come not with empty hands – signs of attention will please her family and show the girl that you appreciate her environment.
  • Be punctual! There are unforeseen circumstances and it’s impossible to arrive on time, call her and explain the situation.